Andy James


  • Conducted first search in the sector in 1998
  • Brings together exceptional people with visionary organisations
  • Author of 'The 5 Stages to a Sustainable Business'
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I suppose in some organisations I’d be described as the CEO, I play a major part in setting the vision and what we stand for and am very much an ideas person. I conducted my first board level search assignment in 1998 and when we launched Six Degree People wrote The 5 stages to a Sustainable as both a summary of my experiences to date and the journey that. I’m still very hands on and 70% of my time is still spent delivering on some of our most interesting work.

The other 30% of my time is focussed on our vision, what we stand for and helping our people do a better job and have more fun. I get to work with some of the world’s most innovative, and committed companies and individuals often looking to achieve something that hasn’t been achieved before, they have a vision and we help turn that into action. I have so many areas of work that give me enormous pride. I get true satisfaction 2 – 3 years after that piece of recruitment, that game changing advisory board we’ve built or indeed the 2 organisations we connected who are now collaborating to drive systemic change at scale are starting to achieve outcomes that our community recognises as being truly game changing.

Ross Nicholson


  • Sustainability 50 fellow and climate reality leader
  • Passion for future cities and sustainable living
  • Long standing relationships with senior pioneers in over 70 countries
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I co-founded Six Degree People as a movement that would build real momentum in our space by supporting those leaders with the vision to pursue the most game-changing sustainable and socially-impactful agenda’s. Andy and I have built a great team that have made so many powerful connections between individuals and organisations across our global community. What really gets me up in the morning is seeing what a difference those connections make in turning vision into action. Genuinely being able to see how what we do every day is changing the world - for good is about as rewarding as it gets.

Within the business, I’m passionate about continuing to develop a model that is just as innovative and disruptive as those organisations we partner with. I’m a great believer in ‘hiring people better than you’, which is not difficult given the global community we have but our bar is just as high as our clients. We’re pretty picky about what projects we take on so it’s impossible not to get excited about every one of them but given my passion for architecture and design, I love any project focused on future cities and sustainable communities.

Our philosophy of continuous improvement mean’s we always produce ‘world class’ results. I’m proud of the bright future that gives us.