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An initial look at your current brand and network

  • Taking approximately 3 months and spread over 4 sessions

  • Sessions every 2 weeks

  • Between sessions email and phone support, as required

  • What is covered:

    • Framework Overview and Preparation for What and Where

    • Review of What and Where, Establish 2 or 3 options Rank them

    • Personal Brand – An assessment of your current brand and how it aligns with what you want to do next, A gap analysis of your brands strengths and weaknesses. Discussion on how overt you want your brand to be.

    • Network. A Red/Amber/Green assessment of your current networks suitability to amplify your reimagined brand to the right people. Introduction to Non-Linear Network building template


Executing your reimagined network and brand

  • Taking approximately 6 months and spread over 8 sessions.

  • First 4 sessions every 2 weeks, final 4 sessions every 3 weeks.

  • Between sessions email and phone support, as required.

  • What is covered (in addition to introductory course):

    • Review of What and Where decisions,

    • Introduction to potential thought leadership templates

    • Discussion on Co Authoring, where to seed?

    • Review Draft 1 of New Brand Collateral. Suggestions for Draft 2

    • Network building, review of Amber and Green Targets, discussion on how to reach out with white paper, thought leadership, co-authoring, and movement building.

    • Review progress discuss next steps:

      • Continue with Andy James' support to continue to build brand collateral which aligns to your vision and solutions and network to adopt, endorse and amplify. Andy James to act as your agent.

      • Take what you’ve learnt and work on your own.


Cost of additional sessions to be discussed with Andy James

Approximate time commitment from Andy James and Client – 20hrs

2hrs before session 1

1hr– 1.15hr per session

1hr – 2hrs independent work between sessions

If you want to learn more about our products, or have any questions, get in touch today!

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