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Critiquing  the three key assumptions that underpin our 20th Century growth system.  Contrasting them with the reality of 2024 and removing those blinkers! We help your business, your investment strategy or your career stay relevant and thrive.


" The Human. The Economy. The Planet. Traditionally, if one element became unstable, we could rely on destabilising another.

In 2024, for the first time since the birth of the modern economy, all three elements are unstable at the same time, risking the destabilisation of the whole system.

This presents a huge problem for leaders and policy makers everywhere. We help remove traditional 'blinkers' and help you find the appropriate pathways forward. "


Andy James
Founder, SixDegreePeople



“ Andy is a brilliant business partner that I have had the joy to work with, supporting us to form the management team of the IKEA Group. He is a natural network builder and has a unique approach on how to create tomorrows non-linear, agile and sustainable organisation. He has also helped me to apply that thinking in how I build agility in my own career. ”

Peter Agnefjall
 and Board Advisor

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