As our growth addicted system struggles to decouple extraction and exclusion fast enough, volatility across all stakeholders is increasing. We believe all functions and all boards would benefit if they increased the amount of people who have:

  • Non-linear experiences, have worked to decouple extraction and exclusion from growth in multiple systems not just the system of employer or client for example the Business system but as many of the other systems as possible. Investment, Government, Civil Society, Think Tank or Academia.

  • An understanding of the pros and cons of our Growth addicted system versus a Growth Agnostic system.

This is in addition to the more traditional diversity focus around gender, ethnicity, functions, sectors and cultures.

We believe Non-Linear competency is even more important in periods of destructive degrowth growth (stagflation)

We see a direct correlation between the linearity of leadership teams and their advisory boards and their inability to see complexity from a systems perspective.

The more linear their careers the more they see decoupling extraction and exclusion as an innovation or market making play.


  • Help identify where in the organisation you can develop non-linear talent and where you might need to recruit it.

  • Set targets for non-linear system experience across all functions to thrive within a growth system struggling to transition.

  • Co create more non-linear Leadership and advisory board profiles to maximise the speed you decouple extraction and exclusion from growth.

  • Ensure they are relevant in periods of growth and degrowth.

  • Write and share them in a way to attract the very non-linear talent across all systems.

  • Access our both our network and utilizing our systems change brand as an extension of yours.

  • Build in non-linear talent share strategies to build competency with your future leaders.

Lise Kingo

Independent Board Director, Chairperson and Public Speaker. Former CEO & Executive Director, United Nations Global Compact

“Change and innovation have never more in fashion than today. It is simply the silver bullet for success in any organization. Radical innovation in particular is in demand as this is really hard to do, but at the same time what creates real value and takes the organization to the next level. This is where Six Degree People come into the picture.
They know that it is people who create change and innovation, and they know the right people and the right role they might play as an employee, advisor or even a fan to make the greatest impact.. This is a rare art, managed by few people only. It takes a huge network, an untraditional mindset and the courage to think and act differently. All this is engrained in Six Degree People and it is fun, challenging and hugely value-adding to work with this unique team.”