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Peter Agnefjall
Ex CEO Ikea and Board Advisor

“Six Degree People is a brilliant business partner, that I have had the joy to work with, supporting us to form the management team of the IKEA Group. Andy is a natural network builder and has a unique approach on how to create tomorrows non-linear, agile and sustainable organisation. He has also helped me to apply that thinking in how I build agility in my own career.”

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Lise Kingo

Former CEO & Executive Director, United Nations Global Compact

“Change and innovation have never been more in fashion than today. It is simply the silver bullet for success in any organization. Radical innovation in particular is in demand as this is really hard to do, but at the same time what creates real value and takes the organization to the next level. This is where Six Degree People come into the picture.

They know that it is people who create change and innovation, and they know the right people and the right role they might play as an employee, advisor or even a fan to make the greatest impact.. This is a rare art, managed by few people only. It takes a huge network, an untraditional mindset and the courage to think and act differently. All this is engrained in Six Degree People and it is fun, challenging and hugely value-adding to work with this unique team.”

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Norman Pickavance

Ex CEO Tomorrow’s Company

“Six Degree People are a disruptive presence. They are a node on a network of creative and disruptive leaders around the world, people who think differently and are prepared to challenge conventional thinking, people who have started to put these ideas into practice, to make the world and the world of business a different place. They know all of these people and are connected to everything that is going on.

Tap into the team at Six Degree People, and you tap into an alternative universe, a universe that looks like the future of business, a network that any business that wants a future needs to be connected to.”

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