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Insight - Leadership Alignment - Recruitment

Our emphasis shifts from insight to alignment and recruitment as we work through the 4 questions.

4 Stage Framework

Our 4 stage framework is designed to give our clients the clarity and confidence to rocessif you jump or rush a question, you will undoubtedly decide to wait and not diversify, but you won’t be doing it from a position of clarity.

Triple Green Clarity™ is a four stage framework designed to help our clients shift from a strategy

that is partially or even fully dependent on three 20th century norms - Triple Red*

To one that aligns with three 21st Century realities- Triple Green*

We provide the right blend of strategic insight, leadership support, team alignment and executive recruitment at every stage. 

* A business with a Triple Red rating is dependent on all three 20th century norms, to be relevant. A business with a Triple Green rating aligns with current 21st century realities.  

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